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Ark-La-Tex Scout
PLS publishes exploration news and drilling insights in Arkansas, Louisiana and East Texas through our Ark-La-Tex Scout. A famed area with significant of oil and gas history- this Region- known for East Texas stacked pays (Smackover, Bossier Sand, Cotton Valley, Travis Peak, Woodbine, Glen Rose, Rodessa, Pettit, James Lime, Edwards, Georgetown); Arkansas's shales (Brown Dense & Fayetteville) and North Louisiana's gas (Hosston & Haynesville) is still a core area for many operators from Dallas to Shreveport.

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News Date
BHP continues Haynesville completions
BHP plans to announce the buyer for its US upstream shale resource assets prior to the end of the year, with BP reportedly in the lead to buy the portfolio. BHP’s package is the largest asset package...
Jul 12, 2018
Chesapeake flows 48 MMcf/d in top Hayneville IP24
Chesapeake completed a record shattering Haynesville well, as measured on an absolute flow basis, in Caddo Parish. Located in Johnson Branch field, the GEPH30&19&18-16-15HC #001-Alt was drilled with...
Jul 12, 2018
Regional Highlights - July 12, 2018
PLS will be kicking off its first Dealmakers Prospect and Property Expo of 2018 in Dallas on July 18 at the Hyatt Regency downtown. For more information contact Michael Sunja at 713-650- 1212 or...
Jul 12, 2018
Covey Park Highlights - July 12, 2018
In Bethany Longstreet field in DeSoto Parish, Covey Park’s Wilson 7-6 HC #1-Alt (7,681-ft lateral) flowed an IP24 of 33,330 Mcf/d, or 4,339 Mcf/d per 1,000 ft, from the Haynesville on a...
Jul 12, 2018
Goodrich Petroleum Highlights - July 12, 2018
In Bethany Longstreet field in DeSoto Parish, Goodrich Petroleum’s Wurtsbaugh 25&24H #003-Alt (7,465-ft lateral) tested at an initial 24-hour rate of 28,983 Mcf/d, or 3,882 per 1,000 ft, from the...
Jul 12, 2018
Comstock Highlights - July 12, 2018
In Greenwood-Waskom field in Caddo Parish, Comstock’s Florsheim 9-16 HC #2-Alt (9,420-ft lateral) tested at an IP24 of 27,600 Mcf/d, or 2,929 Mcf/d per 1,000 ft, from the Hayesville on a...
Jul 12, 2018
Linn Energy Highlights - July 12, 2018
In Ruston field in Lincoln Parish, Linn Energy’s J P Graham 2 H #002- Alt (4,403-ft lateral) flowed an IP24 of 19,700 Mcf/d, or 4,474 Mcf/d per 1,000 ft, from the Lower Cotton Valley on a 26/64-in....
Jul 12, 2018
Osaka Gas Highlights - July 12, 2018
Osaka Gas entered into an agreement to acquire 35% WI in certain Harrison and Panola counties, TX assets from Sabine Oil & Gas for $146 million. The Haynesville and Cotton Valley assets cover...
Jul 12, 2018
Chesapeake’s 10,000 ft. laterals setting records in Haynesville
In Caddo Parish Chesapeake recently completed two Haynesville horizontals with industry leading results. The company’s nearly 10,000-ft laterals are consistently delivering IPs over 30 MMcf/d, with...
Jun 21, 2018
Indigo tallies a new company best in the Haynesville
In Bethany Longstreet field in DeSoto Parish, Indigo Natural Resources’ DGLAS 36&1-13-15 HC #001-Alt (8,162-ft lateral) tested at a 24-hour IP of 29,237 Mcf/d from the Haynesville on a 31/64-in....
Jun 21, 2018

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